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About Athens Vacation Rentals

Athens is the capital city of the Greece. This city is the largest city in the Greece. The Athens is considered as the oldest city in the world. The Athens clue is the First ever 4D game experiences built. As the name suggests this makes you lock down in a room with your group of friends and you need to find the clues to find the way out to the room. Athens vacation rental unique feature is that it has more no of options to the tourist. Temple of Hephaestus is one of the oldest temples that are being preserved well right now. The acropolis is the highlight of the Athens city. This spot has the collection of ancient monuments .The national Archaeological is one of the famous museum of this city. It has the best collections of artifacts and arts around the world. Panathenaic Stadium, is one of the oldest stadiums in this city.Athens vacation rental tend to provide some top class facilities for their customers. This stadium was used for the Olympics. This is the stadium to host the First ever Olympic Games. Filopappos Hill is the best weekend spot. Because the people of this city come here and enjoy the astonishing views of this city from the hills. War Museum of Athens, is established to honor the militants who died in the war. Athens vacation rental is considered as the best rentals in Greece. This museum consists of several monuments and statues of the great personalities who died in battle. National Gardens is the best place for you picnic with your family. This garden has the beautiful view of Athens city. It has a small zoo for children’s, duck ponds and cafes as well. Temple of Apollo, this is the place where the magistrates of this state’s made sworn into the parliament. Allou Fun Park is an amusement park, located in the center of the city. It has moderate entry fee and its best providing fun for the youngsters. StopSleepGo Athens vacation rental does not show any partiality Attikon & Apollon Cinemax Class is listed as one of the oldest theatres of this region. Paintball Park is most liked among the teenagers; you can come with your friends and have a nice time. Greek Reptile Centre is largest reptile centre of Greece. This displays the live snakes and other reptiles. The most poisonous snakes in the Greece are also kept in display for the audience.