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  • A Hidden Treasure!
    Vacation rental — Edinburgh Holiday villas , United Kingdom
    Entire home/apartment (1 bedroom)
    9 Reviews
    0 people have booked this property
    $87 USD per night
    From USD
    per night
  • Edinburgh City Centre Courtyard Apt
    Vacation rental — New Town , United Kingdom
    Entire home/apartment (3 bedrooms)
    9 Reviews
    0 people have booked this property
    $299 USD per night
    From USD
    per night

About Edinburgh Vacation Rentals

Scotland’s capital is the city of Edinburgh. It’s architecture reflects its historical importance as Scotland’s capital. There are several attractions in and around the city which make it a perfect tourist destination. The breathtaking Castle which is at the centre of the city has played a pivotal role in the feudal history of Scotland. Now they stand as a landmark which is most visited destination of the city. The old town has several buildings which are of the bygone era, quite stunning and mesmerizing. The princess street is Edinburgh’s famous shopping street and in summer months it becomes haven for locals and visitors. Edinburgh Castle is an iconic symbol of the city and at the festivals and events make the environment and surroundings to just gaze at. First human settlement was in 900 B C. It sits on an defunct volcano. It is the must see tourist attraction of the city. Calton Hill provides a great view of the city from this hill. It is important landmark which is part of the fabric of the city. Scott Monument is the remarkable gothic monument which is dedicated to the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. Saint Giles cathedral is located on the famous royal mile. it is the historic Edinburgh church , a highlight of the city skyline.Hollyrood is the charming area where you find the royal residence as well as several ruins which give a chance to learn about the country’s history. August and December are two best months to visit Edinburgh. August is the time the city hosts several world famous festivals. The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest annual arts and cultural festival. December sees winter come alive with six weeks of Christmas celebrations providing fun for the whole family.Stopsleepgo’s Edinburgh Vacation rental offers old style coupled with modern facilities. If you want a truly memorable vacation then book one of our vacation rentals. At Edinburgh vacation rental we strive to give a competitive edge to our services by market research and insight. It drives more value to the approach as we create a better option for our client. It has just right blend of scenic beauty and exotic charm just few steps away from Edinburgh vacation rental. At Edinburgh vacation rental food would never be a concern as we have all the facilities at hand to cook a big and whole worthy meal. It will inspire you, charm you and leave you with memories for a lifetime.