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About Fort Myers Vacation Rentals

Fort Myers is popular for its fishing, beaches, shopping and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States. Your family and you can play on top-notch beaches and experience one-on-one natural encounters to the endless family-friendly attractions, rentals and resorts in this city and surrounding areas along southwest Florida’s sunny Gulf Coast. Come to this place in the spring and see the Minnesota Twins spring or Boston Red Sox training games. You won’t run out of fun things to do near your Fort Myers vacation. Fort Myers is a city rich with historical landmarks, museums, and yearly celebrations. Fort Myers vacation rental offers a place to stay, with luxury resorts, budget-friendly inns, and rental with internet service that cater specifically to the business traveler. The major attractions nearby are Butterfly estate which is a butterfly conservatory which has a collection of vast species native to Florida. Edison and ford winter estates, a museum which has a collection of ford and Edison inventions. Murphy – Burroughs historical house, Imaginaries science centre is for the families with kids. You can go on dolphin tours, bird watching or just visit the surrounding islands. Fort Myers beach is the perfect destination as you can find peace and calm to rest your body and rejuvenate. Avoid spring break time as it is crowded with teenagers. Hiking and biking is the best way to experience a city’s true beauty. Fort Myers downtown commercial district has a historical age old charm. It has 65 historical building. The atmosphere and comfort are looked over carefully so as to keep the standards high. Our staff at Fort Myers vacation rental is never far away for your help. Several bars and restaurants are nearby as if you like to have a dined out. The Rental home in this city requests you to bring the required gear and accessories to enjoy your vacation and have a nice time with the family. As you can walk around the small lanes and experience the older and 50 s architecture. It is along Bay Street to Monroe Street. As we go on a holiday vacation these places you stay matters the most. StopSleepGo Fort Myers vacation rental is a perfect home away from home. The ambience is perfectly suited for a vacation as to unpack, relax and unwind. Fort Myers’ great weather makes for a fantastic golf vacation, and which the Fort Myers vacation rental is close to over 60 area golf courses.