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  • Patio Suite #4
    Vacation rental — LAKE COWICHAN, Canada
    Entire home/apartment (2 bedrooms)
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    $169 USD per night
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About Lake Cowichan Vacation Rentals

Lake Cowichan wonderful town, which is located on the east end of Cowichan Lake and west of Duncan, British Columbia. Lake Cowichan has been considered as one of the upswing here for years and foodies the world over have the region on their radars now that Italy’s Slow Food International. Dine in bistros and cafés serving local crops and catches from sea and land. Enjoy salmon, oysters and “scow” at a riverside Nations restaurant. The atmosphere and amenities are looked over carefully so as to keep the standards high. In this town we have developed transport, business and social infrastructure, which are characterized by proximity to many attractive tourist destinations where you can realize you’re personal and business aspirations without stress of large urban centers with Lake Cowichan vacation rental and it is possible to conduct several types of excursions to explore the beauty of local fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine. People who want more adventurous can try sailing and boating, scuba diving, and fishing. Windsurfing is also the most well known activity in this city. This region is also made by turns rocky and sandy and made up of numerous beaches. You can also rent a bike and this place is perfectly suits biking. It is boating haven with miles of waterways as you can indulge and enjoy the beauty extensive network of waterways. Several places in this town remain untouched by the influence of mass vacation, yet this excellent town remains fantastic, gloriously natural and authentic. Although it is well known place for its wines, there is lot many things to discover. This is a fantastic time to be staying in a self catering Lake Cowichan vacation rental, and the best time to really enjoy and have fun in the perfect place, genuine excitement of an Italian festival. There are in fact a several range of events and festivals throughout the months of summer. June, July and August see a great range of musical, theatrical and dance festivals whilst September is an extravaganza of culture, with medieval feasts, Lake Cowichan wine festivals. Although many touristic still take Lake Cowichan vacation rental and accommodation in an attempt to locate the excellent hidden gold of StopSleepGo Lake Cowichan vacation rental. Galleries and Shops featuring locally made jewellery, clothing, books, art and antiques dot the main urban centres. In Duncan you’ll find the internationally renowned, authentic Cowichan sweaters. Venture into the countryside for artisan and farmgate stands studios. Six outdoor farmers’ markets attract vendors of hand-made artisanal foods, fresh produce, and innumerable crafts and arts.