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About Miami Vacation Rentals

One of the naturally gifted and most desired places existing on the surface of the earth is, Miami. You talk about vacation and this name would pop up perhaps on the top notch list for travelers. It is famous for several reasons from biggest banks to powerful companies but people would remember it more for its exciting night life, tropical monsoon climate, places to visit and more significantly, the pristine beaches. Since this city is charged up like a livewire and never lets you down. If at all you are thinking about the stay and the list to be stranded in, then stop worrying about it. Since, Miami Vacation Rental by StopSleepGo would take care of your accommodation and other services; now start planning with the minimum baggage. Miami Vacation Rental would make sure that we take care of your every need. We are located in the heart of the traveller’s heaven, along the coastal region. Whatever your family size is, we have enough love filled places for everyone from the array of modest to beautiful luxury ocean view. Our accommodations at Miami Vacation Rental are comfortable, convenient, budgeted and most importantly, it’s in prime locations. Golf courses for the sports lovers are just at the walking distance. Spent enough time on the beaches and underwater and now you want to see more? Well, than there is endless list of sites that you can go for. Lock & Load, Zoological wildlife, American airlines arena, Vizcaya museum and garden, Wynood Wall are just few names from the never ending places. Since Spanish & English languages are prominent, you can see the mixed culture and their cuisines to taste. Unbelievable local markets, Sea sports, Malls, Coffee Shops, night life and Theatres are always around to make you feel connected to the world. Know about the witness sports? Then there are regular pro matches happening around in Tennis, Baseball and most famous Basketball stadiums as well. Drained your energy by slogging for MNC company and don’t know how to re-energies yourself? Let us at stop sleep go Miami Vacation Rental help you out to loosen up and enjoy the soulful life that you deserve. We move the world around to give every better experience that you worth of, so that it remains in your life forever and brings just the smile and content, all and any time you look back at your vacation.
Miami is a city located in Southeast Florida, on the Atlantic coast and is the county seat of Miami Dade County. Being the 42nd largest city in the United States, it is the most central, principal and populous city of Miami Dade County. It is the leader in international trade, commerce, arts, entertainment, culture, finance and media. Anyone visiting the place must stay at the Miami-Dade Vacation rental by StopSleepGo. It can be termed as the Abode, featuring several suites and customized to suit your individual taste. This is a vibrant, diversified place that offers shopping, dining and entertainment, all together at the convenience of one place. Shopping for souvenirs for your dear ones can be picked up from any of the shopping centers and complexes that are a stone throw away from the Miami-Dade Vacation rental. Miami is also ranked amongst one of America’s Cleanest Cities for its vast green spaces, good air quality year round, clean drinking water and good streets. The cities tropical weather allows for year round outdoor activities and Miami-Dade Vacation Rental will help and guide you with the numerous activities that you can do. The numerous rivers, bays, marinas, canals and the Atlantic Ocean, make boating, sailing and fishing popular activities that you can indulge in to spend special quality time with your family and reconnect in luxury and serenity of a vacation rather than the busy schedule your compelled to lead in a hustling city life. There are over eighty parks and gardens too and your little ones can run around catching butterflies while you capture these treasure moments. The cuisine at our place is a reflection of the cities diverse population. It is a fine combination of Caribbean, Latin American and Cuban. The restaurant at Miami-Dade can be stated to be a landmark eatery. The friendly staff at Miami-Dade Vacation Rental will surely help you choose the menu and try out the varied cuisine that it has to offer. The rentals are well maintained and the attention to details will mesmerize you with stunning views of the city. In addition to annual festivals, Miami is home to many theatres, entertainment venues and performing arts centers. The city attracts many actors, musicians, singers and dancers. Our crew will help you plan your itinerary according to the interest evinced by you. Yet, The Miami-Dade will give you the feeling of being at home, away from home.