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About Novalja Vacation Rentals

Opcina Novalja vacation rental offers accommodation at the prime location which makes access easy to any and every tourism spot and will help you to accomplish a perfect vacation and to explore Opcina Novalja, South Dalmatia, and surroundings by speed boat or yacht? Renting a motor yacht and speed boat is perfectly suitable for people who enjoy the speed and change the destinations daily. Opcina Novalja is a county which is located in Croatia.  Coffee shop, mall, tourist spot, Restaurants, markets, airport etc everything is on drive distance. From mountain to beach our rentals provides an excellent condos and beach view homes located conveniently in the mid-city with extraordinary lifestyle. The most well known beach resort is situated near to our rentals home in a walk able distance. We offer our rentals luxury and convenience. Select the lifestyle you desire from our rentals homes. Sit back and relax in Opcina Novalja vacation rental. Many tourist places like deep sea fishing, food festival, museum etc. Gospic is one of the center of Opcina Novalja. This County has many fantastic attractions including nature protected areas and several national parks and most well known are the Velebit Mountains and the Plitvice Lakes. The Opcina Novalja vacation rental is the perfect way to get a real sense of the city while enjoying a great holiday. In this county we have developed transport, business and social infrastructure, which is characterized by proximity to many attractive tourist destinations where you can realize you’re personal and business aspirations without stress of large urban centers. As you concentrate on bigger groups in our tours, you get personal and view up close with time to take in every attraction and destination. Lodging in StopSleepGo Opcina Novalja vacation rental for those who prepare to relax individually in Croatia and plan to explore the brightest attractions in Opcina Novalja. Accommodation is perfect in Croatia by the sea with children. On Krapanj, the lowest Croatian island known for the sponge processing tradition, a modern equipped diving school named “Curavic Diving Academy" is located in the hotel “Spongiola". Absorb all the attention of interest yourself in the incredible architecture as you stroll down narrow cobble stone streets. The climate of Opcina Novalja County is oceanic and continental climate, spring and autumn are mild. Shop at the Antiques, art galleries, boutiques, crafts, special gifts and more offered by Opcina Novalja unique shopping experience. Pet-friendly restaurants, Outdoor dining, unique locations, and more are located around this area.
Novalja is the town situated in the pag island of Croatia. Zrce is an long, stretched, pebbled beach, close to this region, it is situated in the north-eastern side of the island of Pag and then the beach is the cove opposite to the town of Pag. The Novalja vacation includes all needed by the tourist. This beach is urban and also well visited by the local population and the tourists globally. This beach is surrounded by the woods, through which it leads many paths to the beach itself, and there is the parking lot in front of the beach. The beach consists of various facilities such as the Novalja vacation rental at cheap rates, the life- saving equipment, the life-guards, first aid, also facilities for the disabled, catering facilities, , phones, recyclable waste facilities, showers, and then drinking water.Novalja vacation rental changes for the type of accommodation you choose. The beach has zones of different activities and the areas for children and non-swimmers are separated..Zrce it’s a beach, next to thethis village, is probably the most beautiful and the most popular beach on the island ofNovalja vacation rental.This Main beach is very textile, but does not have any neighboring coves at the right side of the beach that are used by the naturists Stara Novalja, it is an little village in the north-west of the island,which is ideal for an relaxing holiday since it provides the great apartments and beautiful beaches. Still this is close enough to the facilities of this town, and you can have a romantic or family vacation. It also has Small and intimate beaches stretch along this settlement. The sandy beach Planjka is situated in Trincel ,this is the one of famous and most popular spots with families. StopSleepGo Novalja vacation rental also includes the Wakeboarding club, it has two main directions the boat wakeboard - thats being towed by the boat, and then the cable wakeboard –that rides on the cableway systems. The Recreational riders are the people of all ages and skills, but the professionals are generally the younger group, that’s between 15 and 25. The Wakeboarding is more than just a sport, it is like other "extreme" sports, and it’s a way of life. There are more than 100 wakeboard and the water ski cableway parks around the world, more than 40 of it in Germany, on the natural and the artificial lakes.