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  • Casa da Capelinha
    Vacation rental — Madeira, Portugal
    Not Specified (1 bedroom)
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About Ponta Delgada Vacation Rentals

The island of Sao Miguel is home to the largest and the majestic city of Ponta Delgada. Apart from its magnificent island, it is also known for its abundance of pasture and thick forest covered with peaks. Nature here is so glorious that it will encourage you to stay for a longer period. Summer is the perfect time to see all the enchanting flowers bloom and come to its most beautiful phase. The city is full of quant houses, narrow streets with its exciting and charming constructions. Hundreds of tourists flock in every year to bask in this magnificent aura. Ponta Delgada Vacation Rental can take care of your accommodation since we have an array of affordable stays. All our rentals range from modest to luxurious according to the visitor’s need. Whatever your need is, we can always find something better for you. Furnas is the most talked about and visited placed in Ponta Delgada since you can find hot springs and Gorreama Tea Factory, both are amazing experience. Lagoa do Fogo is another hot spot for tourists due to its beautiful volcanic landscapes and panoramic sceneries of crystal clear beaches. It is also a part of natural reserve hence also known as nature lover’s paradise. Visit the 10th island of Azores, Noreste, where you can experience waterfalls, lovely watermills, proper care of Belvedere, ethnography, gastronomy and landscapes; this panoramic view is the best phase. Try out Whale watching at Blue Talassa, cycling, boating, paddling, surfing, four wheeling, kayaking, white water rafting, yachting and many more. You will never fall short of any adventurous sports in here. If need of any guidance or information then Ponta Delgada Vacation Rental is always around for help. Night clubs, bars, pubs and the night clue Bombom Bihlares is always open and pretty close by for all the nocturnal tourists. They are lively and breath-taking, especially during monsoon in the island. Ponta Delgada Vacation Rental’s suggestion to try out the fresh pineapples and different varieties of it from the local market since this place is also famous for its pineapple. If you’re a seafood lover then you must visit Mercado do Peixe; it’s known for mouth-watering local seafood in the island. Continental cuisines are also served in here especially in Osaka. It is pretty much famous for its Sushi bar and varieties in abundance. Do not miss wonderful opportunity and make this summer the best of your time with Ponta Delgada Vacation Rental.