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About Metro Manila Vacation Rentals

Metropolitan Manila commonly known as Metro Manila and it is the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The sunset metro on manila bay is described as one of the most beautiful scene on earth and checks it out yourself by coming here. Metro Manila vacation rental offers tours by the bay so you can enjoy the magnificent golden glow of the sunset with the Bataan peninsula as a backdrop. And what other way to end you walking tour but to sit back, relax and have a cold drink in bars and restaurants along the bay while you admire Mount Mariveles as the sun kisses the sea. The wood structure fort was a first stone fort built in 1592 by Dasmarinas. Metro manila Vacation Rental offers accommodation at the prime location which makes access easy to any and every tourism spot. Restaurants, markets, coffee shop, mall, tourist spot, airport etc everything is on drive distance. Metro manila Vacation Rental will help you accomplish a perfect vacation. Our StopSleepGo will take care of every step necessary in ensuring you have a memorable holiday. About 4.5 km of walls surrounded by monuments and several parks, both inside and outside Intramuros, offer great views over Manila city. Manila's Chinatown is believed to be the oldest Chinatown in the world (outside of China of course.) restaurants, fountains, plazas, Churches, shops, arches are all good reasons to pay a visit to this unique place. Your stomach and eyes will thank you for it. Ort Santiago in Manila is called as the oldest fortification. In 1571 the fort was built on the site that was occupied by Raja Soliman. From 1762 to 1764 it was the British headquarters during their occupation of Manila then it became the headquarters of the US army during the American time. During the World War II Many people were imprisoned and killed, during the Japanese occupation. National Museum is a place exhibit house features the country's most historic works of culture and national heritage, including the paintings of heralded Philippine artist Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. Metropolitan Museum of Art in addition to the numerous touring exhibits throughout the year and 2 of the anchors in this museum are the priceless Gold Gallery and the ancient Pottery Gallery, with pieces dating back to 220 BC. Metro manila Vacation Rental offers Clean, Convenient, and very comfortable accommodations while giving the best Customer Service to our guests.