Ultimate Travel Guide to Meet Bryan Cox of Laz, Brittany, France

Meet Bryan Cox of Laz, Brittany, France

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How would you describe your Laz, Brittany, France its culture and the people?

  Laz is a small village in the middle of the Black Mountains of Brittany, France. It is a very quiet, calm and relaxing place where not too much happens – and people who come here like that. The countryside is breathtaking and very sparsely populated, with green rolling hills that come down to the wonderful river Aulne, part of the Nants Brest canal. Our house is right on the banks of the river, and the location is perfect for fishing, canoeing, running, cycling – the canal is 365 km long. The local people are very kind and friendly, and when they get together they know how to party – their traditional Breton dances, called Fest Noz, can continue for hours into the night.

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What are some of the places in Laz, Brittany, France that you think first-time visitors should check out?

  The beautiful medieval towns such as Quimper, Pleyben and Locronan. The local Chateau de Trevarez, the miles of golden sands on the wonderful wild west coast of Brittany which is within 30 km, and reached by almost empty roads.

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How long have you been renting your property(s) and why did you choose to start?

  We started renting about 3 years ago and we have now moved here, so we still rent out the Gite but we offer B & B in the main house. We love meeting people and we take pride in making their stay the sort of holiday we would like for ourselves. We started because we wanted a complete change of life style after living in inner city Bristol for the last 28 years, and this is certainly a complete wonderful change.

What do you love about your property's neighborhood?

  We always have loved the countryside of Devon and Cornwall, and Brittany is very similar but with the added bonus of being much less crowded and being in France, with wonderful food and wine as you would expect. The culture here is very strong too, and you can become very involved in it if you wish. There is a magic about the place.

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What is your favorite local restaurant and why?

  Our favourite local restaurant is the Chaland bar and restaurant. Not because of the food, which to be honest is quite run of the mill, but because it is right next to the river (as we are) and the owners are so warm and friendly. A great place to become a regular.

Do you have any plans to improve your rental home, or add features to it, in the future?

  We’re toying with the idea of adding a yurt or tipi in the wooded garden. We think people would love it! We have the perfect location right by the stream, we just need to do the sums. We also like to throw parties, and after the last one with live music, barbecue and fire pit, we thought we might offer this as something that people could hire for a celebration weekend (or longer). They could hire the whole place and have all their friends and family staying (plus tents if necessary). They can do their own food and provide their own drinks, and we can make it all happen and see it runs smoothly. We had 25 people sitting down to a “Barn Banquet” – who wouldn’t love that?

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Thank You,

Bryan Cox


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