Ultimate Travel Guide to Meet Keira McCann of Boljoon, Cebu Island, Philippines

Meet Keira McCann of Boljoon, Cebu Island, Philippines

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How would you describe your Boljoon, Cebu Island, Philippines its culture and the people?

We are a relaxed beach house, a small 3* hotel providing 5* service and good quality home-cooked food. We are very hands on around the property and together with our friendly Filipino staff; we aim to provide a relaxed and memorable stay for all our guests.

What are some of the places in Boljoon, Cebu Island, Philippinesthat you think first-time visitors should check out?

The whale shark feeding sanctuary is only 20mins away from the beach house, an amazing experience to swim and snorkel with these gentle giants. A Tumalog waterfall is a sight of natural beauty and one of the highest waterfalls in the Philippines. Pictures cannot tell the story; it must be seen by your own eyes!

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How long have you been renting your property(s) and why did you choose to start?

We took over the Granada beach house in September 2013; we were working in Africa and looking for a change. We both come from a marketing and events background but always wanted to have our own guest house. We found this opportunity online and decided to jump ship, take a risk to change our lifestyle.

What do you love about your property's neighborhood?

We are located in a quiet fishing village 100kms south of Cebu city, life is free and uncomplicated here, we drive around on our scooter waving and chatting to the local community. Everyone is very friendly in the Philippines and we feel very lucky to be here.

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What is your favorite local restaurant and why?

We don't really have a favorite restaurant close-by, simply because there aren't any! There are a few other hotels close to us, but they serve basic local food – but we love our own restaurant!!

Have you had any funny / bizarre experiences from your time as owners renting to people?

Not yet

Do you have any plans to improve your rental home, or add features to it, in the future?

Since we took over the beach house we've had many renovation projects, we refurbished all the bedrooms, build a new cliff top restaurant and bar, new beach huts, sun loungers, hammocks……..the list is actually quite long now. We have many guests that have returned 2, 3, 4 times now and they love the changes they see each time.

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Thank You,

 Keira McCann


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